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Minion Masters (Steam Keys)

by BetaDwarf Entertainment

  • Enter a world of Minion battles! Summon your Minions and watch them charge blindly toward their opponents, leaving it entirely up to you to decide their course by where you place them. 
  • Minions can claim the bridges and destroy the rival Master. 
  • Claiming bridges earns you xp and allows you to level up, earning unique perks based on your chosen Master. 
  • You can also use mighty spells to tip the tide of the battle, for example with a well aimed healing fireball (it’s a thing) in the midst of your wounded troops. 


- OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 

- Processor: Intel Core i3, 2.4 Ghz or equivalent 

- Memory: 4 GB RAM 

- Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GT 240 or equivalent, minimum 512 MB of VRAM 

- DirectX: Version 10 

- Network: Broadband Internet connection 

- Storage: 6 GB available space

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Meet the Developer

BetaDwarf Entertainment is a Danish game development company that started with a bunch of guys sleeping in a university classroom for 7 months trying to learn game development. Through hard work, a kickstarter and a bank loan the team made it to release FORCED. We focus on fun and challenging game experiences and a multitude of platforms, but mostly those which are for the hardcore gamers - Playstation, Xbox and PC. We are not a huge team but we have some quite ambitious goals. We wish to market our games ourselves, be completely independent and offer high quality products with the help of our growing community. We develop our games as a solid standalone product with patches added regularly and DLC later if the community likes it. We look forward to offering gamers awesome gameplay experiences. -The BetaDwarf Crew


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